About Tracy

Hi friends, Tracy Timm, here!

I work with individuals and organizations who want to realize their potential, do work they love, and make an impact at the same time.


I help people redefine their lives so they can choose and chase success on their own terms. Aka, stop hating their jobs and start loving their lives!


That intro usually leaves most people asking me: Ok... so... what do you DO exactly?


I always giggle after that, because it even took ME a while to figure it out!


I’m a born-and-raised Texas girl with a Texas-sized dream—to help create a world where people can find (or create) work that capitalizes on their own unique genius rather than settle for something that pays them a lot of money but leaves them dreading Mondays.

I believe this is possible for you, because I found that it was possible for me.

I love people. I love writing. I love speaking. I love teaching. And I’ve found (or rather, created) a job that allows me to bring all of those things together in a wonderful and worthwhile endeavor to do some good in this crazy world of ours.

Let’s be real, Mondays are still Mondays, but even my worst day now is better than my best day before.




Of course, this didn’t happen overnight. 

It took me a longer-than-necessary job on Wall Street, a pipe-dream-turned-reality 6-month trip around the world, a Hail Mary email to work with a best-selling author, and many… many… many sleepless nights to get to my sweet spot.

That’s all we really want, right? Our work “sweet spot”something we find meaningful, something we do well, and something others find valuable. It’s that simple, but at times, finding it can feel like the most complicated and impossible journey ever.



My goal is to make life simple again.

I want to get you back to the basics of who you are, what you value, where you excel, and how you dream. I want to help you shed those outside expectations and old labels that have been holding you back and clouding your vision. I want you to realize that you can and will find work that combines all of these things, if you just try.

I’m no sage or maven or Yoda. I’ve struggled just like you. That’s the real deal, y’all.

I’ve had jobs that left my soul begging my brain to make a change (cough::Wall Street::cough). I’ve worked down to my very last dime trying to rediscover myself and create my dream state (thank you, soul-searching trip around the world). I’ve wrestled with the deepest and darkest of life’s questions, and I’ve worried that I, too, would become just another burnt-out, stereotypical millennial living at home and lamenting my lot in life.

Shit was dire, at times.

But I’ve seen the other side, too, and I’m here to tell you (especially if no one else will) that you do not have to settle for the life you’ve been given—or even the life you’ve chosen so far! Your authentic self and your true dreams are real and worth chasing. You can find that sweet spot where the work you love loves you right back. Work that is valuable, meaningful, fulfilling, and productive.

And you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to help see you through.




Through my books, videos, products, and programs (and live events which you should totally check out!) you’ll come to see that this reality is not just possible for some of us but necessary for all of us if we want to give our greatest gifts to a world that is so badly in need of our very best selves.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” –Howard Thurman

Come alive again!

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I promise to send you only things that have served me in the past and that I believe will help you down the path… not to enlightenment… but to engagement. Engagement with your own life and the world around you.

Most importantly, engagement to the people around you.



So, let’s go have some fun together. Let’s get you out of your zombie state, because hey, it’s not the apocalypse just yet. Let’s get you back to who you are, what you love, and where you want to go and take some real steps toward sharing that with the world.

I always say, I may not have all the answers, but I definitely have the questions to get you going. The answers you’re searching for are already inside of you—they are inside of all of us. Let me help you dig them out so that you can start to share your glory—your real, authentic, unique self—with the world.

Let’s dare to dream, together.

Love always,


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