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This free video course will teach you the first steps to discover your true value, define your unique genius zone, and drive your career like a pro.

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The Promise

Regardless of whether you tolerate your job, hate your job, or you’re downright miserable with your day-to-day, chances are you’ve asked yourself, “Is this really all that my career is going to be?!”. If you’re not-so-silently singing to yourself the lyrics of “there’s gotta be something more,” then you’ve come to the right place.

Identifying work you love, leveraging your gifts and talents, spending your time on something meaningful, and turning that pursuit into your professional is a guaranteed recipe for your dream job. But if it were that easy to discover your ideal career, everyone would be living their personal version of occupational nirvana!

As you already know, there are many challenges along the way. There is also a lot of bad information out there in the “career advice” category. This free video course was designed to jumpstart your journey to your dream job by giving you proven and practical strategies that are working, today.

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Your Instructor

Tracy Timm is the founder and creator of The Nth Degree®, the proven methodology for “miserably employed” professionals to discover, define, and drive careers they love. Tracy has personally navigated her way from Wall Street to the business of her dreams, and her program has facilitated 100’s of people to unleash their real value and true professional potential.

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The Course

This free short video course is going to show you a proven strategy that will allow you to gain some much needed career clarity, eliminate your professional uncertainty, and move forward on your journey with confidence.

You will learn exactly what the first steps are to discover your true value, define your unique genius zone, and drive your career like a pro. Plus, you can give your credit card a rest! This is a chance for you to take a step back and figure out what’s really going on with your career and exactly what it’s going to take to make a positive change, professionally.

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Video Lesson #1

The Real Reason You Hate (or Tolerate) Your Job

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Video Lesson #2

Impact or Income: Which Will You Choose?

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Video Lesson #3

Is the Grass Really Greener Elsewhere?

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Video Lesson #4

The Roadmap from Stuck to Unstoppable

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