The Nth Degree(R) Career Strategy

We believe everyone deserves a career and life they love. Have you found yours?

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The Nth Degree(R) Career Strategy

The only step-by-step career strategy methodology proven to take your career from stuck to unstoppable.

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Your core values, natural gifts, and learned abilities create your professional zone of genius.

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Create Career Advocates

Studies show that 75-80% of jobs are secured through strategic networking conversations.

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Test Drive Your Dream

Fear of the unknown and fear of failure can be erased by simply testing your career assumptions.

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Hey there, I'm Tracy, Founder of The Nth Degree(R) career clarity method. I believe that everyone deserves a career and a life they love. All you need is a proven strategy. If you're ready to go from stuck to unstoppable, let's do it together!

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3 Steps to the Ultimate Career Strategy

You could be moments away from finding the career and life of your dreams. Why wait?

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From "Career Strategy Ph.D." to "Career Basics Associates" we have the career "degree" for you. 

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3. Enjoy a Career and Life You Love

Finally go from stuck and confused to unstoppable and clear in a career you love.

"The Nth Degree (R) Career Strategy Program saved me and my family $70,000 AND helped me find a career I LOVE in just 6 weeks!"

Priscilla K.
Dallas, TX

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